What size rear rim do I need?

Typically, the rim is about an inch smaller than the tire. So a 11.2x24 requires a 10x24 rim, this is not always the case. You must measure the distance from the inner bead to inner bead of the rim. ***This usually works best with no tire on it.*** In addition, you can also measure the distance of outside to outside edge of rim for width as well, subtract an inch and this gives you an approximate inside to inside distance (this should be done in addition to the inside to inside measurement with no tire on). You may also want to check with your local tire supplier for confirmation of rim size. We want to make sure the correct rim is sent out the first time, you don't want to return a rim - return shipping can be costly.

The rims are not usually specified by tractor model, you will have to refer to the dimension and lug/loop count.